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Game Capture/Watch me play Skyrim - January 18th, 2012, 2:55 pm

Hey there!

Recently I purchased a game capture device from my brother :D Which means screenshots will be clearer and not taken with my camera XD This also means I can make videos (though I'd need to make a new YouTube account to host them, my old account is...scary).

Oddly though, my TV now is in Black and White...but the preview of my game on the screen is *dun dun dun* in color! So I've been play Skyrim...on my computer via my Xbox XD This means that I can use programs/sites like Join.Me to let you watch my screen, therefore watch me play Skyrim and comment on my tactics of "hide in a corner and let everyone else deal with things" *cough* Lol, naw I don't always do that XD

So yep, I'll throw up a page whenever I play Skyrim. When I'm done, I'll take it down :3

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