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Spyro Skyrim? O: - February 3rd, 2012, 3:41 pm

Ah silliness.

So I got bored of my main playthrough. Beating all the questlines seemed to have done that >.> So I decided to start a new playthrough. (my old one is still saved though) But I decided to add a twist or whatnot. After reading an article on ign ( I though it'd be funny to try to play like another game's character. I decided on Spyro from the Legend of Spyro series X3 I haven't played those games in awhile D: (Skylanders is scary...)

Anyway, I decided to follow some set rules (these mostly apply for fights). Namely, only Spyro-like abilities can be used, I'm working on this list as I play. In the () are the abilities I have that I can use for that particular power. Flying has been left out for obvious reasons (Skyrim = no flying ): )

Fire (Flames)
Electricity (Sparks)
Elemental Fury
Melee Combat (Fists, Daggers)

Since purple isn't an option I went for a Spyro/Cynder combo ish thing for the design. Maybe I'll post the dude I made later X3 But he really doesn't look like either XD

More side rules would be:
NO SNEAKING (how will I live? D: )
No cowls, helmets, hats, etc that would hide horns (unless it has horns). Lol, yes, I'm serious X3
Only horses that can be used are the Black Horse and Shadowmere. Because they totally look like Cynder and Cynder would totally make a good horse X3
Companion must be annoying or yellow-ish colored (blonde works too) (ha, Sparx)

And I'll think of more silly rules later XD Lol. I'm mainly using this just to keep track of the rules for myself X3

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